1800 Magazine Street, New Orleans, Louisiana


Gris-Gris New Orleans


Gris-Gris’ two-story private dining and event space, the Samedi Room, features:

  • A private kitchen and dining table for up to 12 people (larger standing / cocktail dining accommodations are available for up to 40)
  • A third story lounge space with seating, a  large-screen TV and two outdoor balcony spaces (Magazine Street’s only roof-top balcony)

The Samedi Room is named after Baron Samedi (Saturday), a loa (or spirit) of Haitian Voodoo and Louisiana Voodoo. Samedi is the known as the master of the dead or giver of life. Married to Maman Brigitte, caretaker of cemeteries, the Baron is ultimately responsible for an individual’s resurrection or transportation to the underworld.  His outrageous behavior and passion for food, drinks, and entertaining all spirits is an inspiration to the vibe at Gris-Gris, where we say, 

"I'll dance at your funeral, if you dance at mine." 

The Samedi Room is perfect for intimate, private dinners, cocktail or networking events, rehearsal dinners and more. For more information or to book your next private event, email events@grisgrisnola.com


Private Dining & Events

Information about Private Dining & Events in the Samedi Room

For more information or to book your next private event, email events@grisgrisnola.com.